About me


Software developer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. I'm passionate about building systems and coming up with solutions for solving everyday challenges through technology and helping businesses make the most out of the technologies available today.


  • JavaScript (Main stack)
  • NodeJS
  • React/Redux | Typescript
  • Python/Flask
  • Python/Django
  • UI/UX Design(HTML, CSS, Material Design, Ant Design, and SASS)
  • Database (PostgreSQL | MySQL | MongoDB)
  • ORM (Sequelize and Mongoose)

Career Objective

An opportunity that will allow me to develop my abilities in the field of software development.

Contribute my diverse skills & knowledge in the work environment to achieve the organizational goals & objectives, broaden experience, keep on learning and enhance knowledge and expertise as I do my part in making a positive contribution and giving back to society.